Welcome to Spring Field Convent Jr.High School--Manager Desk

Dear Parents,

We welcome you to be the part of the family of Spring Field Convent School, Loni Ghaziabad.

Throughout my life, I have been deeply influenced by the value of Culture, heritage of India. Though the influence of European education culture and their best practices have also tempted me adopted their system in our study curriculum. SFCS is a culmination of my vision to be finest education institution adopting the policy of “ Quality in Education” on academics and extracurricular activities on the development of children’s, without discrimination whatsoever on the basis of religion, community, race, ethnicity or gender.

I venture to impress all of you to pay a special visit to our school at Rameshwar Park, Loni Ghaziabad. In case You are desirous of all round future development of your child at a minimum charge as “Value for money” and that too in a very healthy and meaningful school scenario. The idea is to bring out a self-confident, self development, fearless, and questioning minds as beautiful products out of the campus of SFCS, who could stand tall and walk victorious entire journey of their life. I hope that the school will provide happiness and fulfillment for generations for young people.